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Compost & Soil

Potting Soil
Plants can be directly planted into potting soil. For use in pots and grow boxes.
Black Gold
*Sizes: 16 dry quarts, 1 cubic foot, and 2 cubic feet.
*Contents: controlled release fertilizer, peat moss, perlite, and other organic matter.
*This is used in our greenhouse.
Miracle Gro
*Sizes: 1 cubic foot and 2 cubic feet.
*Contents: Plant mulch, top soil, sand, wood dust, manure and fertilizer.
*Feeds up to 6 months.
  Berger BM1
*Size: 3.8 cubic feet compressed (expands to 7-8 cubic feet).
*Contents: long-fiber peat moss, perlite, and vermiculite. No fertilizer incorporated.
*This is used in our greenhouse.
    Red Star
*Size: 2 cubic feet.
*Contents: basic potting soil with organic matter. No fertilizer incorporated. 

Before planting, dirt must be mixed with the mulch or compost. Use when planting trees, shrubs or add to a garden area to enhance the existing soil.
(Our #1 recommendation for mulch)
*Size: 2 cubic feet.
*Coverage: Apply 1-2" of mulch to the ground surface and till to a depth of 4-8". 1 bag covers 40 sq ft.
*Tree/shrub planting: Mix in a 25-33% ratio with backfill dirt to be placed around the roots.
Red Star Humus Grow
*Size: 2 cubic feet.
*Coverage: 1 bag covers 100 sq ft.
*Must be used with other soil.
  Miracle Gro Garden Soil
*Size: 2 cubic feet.
*Coverage: 1 bag covers 20 sq ft.
*Use with existing soil. Feeds up to 3 months. Mulch, must be used with other soil. 

Peat Moss    Steer Manure
  Berger Peat Moss
*Sizes: 2.2 cubic feet and 3.8 cubic feet.
*Helps with water retention. Reduces the need for watering.
*Provides the best foundation for root and plant development. 
    Red Star
*Size: 2 cubic feet.
*Coverage: 1 bag covers 200 sq ft when applied in spring, 100 sq ft when applied in the fall.
*Use in planting lawn by covering grass seed with 1/4" top dressing or use in adding nitrogen to a garden area. 
Perlite:  Makes soil light and fluffy to help help get air to the roots.    Vermiculite:  Helps with water retention in the soil.